”I haven’t been happy with my teeth for years.”


”I haven’t been happy with my teeth for years.”

Look at these comments we hear people saying ALL the time:

‘‘My teeth are in a really bad state, I can’t smile. It really gets me down.’’

’I wish I could afford implants. At this point in my life, implants are out of the question.. Maybe down the road…’’

‘’I wish I addressed my teeth a whole lot sooner, but I was too much of a coward to get into the dentist’s chair.’’

Fear of the dentist is incredibly common,
with surveys estimating it affects
13% to 24% of people around the world.

A. MacDonald, Harvard Health

Hello, we’re Anja and Lucija,

the gentle tooth fairies,
founders of Treatigo
#1 dental travel agency in Croatia

”I haven’t been happy with my teeth for years.”

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like going to the DENTIST.

Who likes sitting in a dental chair, mouth wide open?! The sound of the dental drill isn’t really music to our ears. In fact, it might only bring back bad childhood memories.

And let’s be honest, the prospect of a DENTAL BILL running into thousands
of pounds easily fills us with terror.

The result?

Time passes by, you’re putting off the much needed treatment. If not even giving up on it entirely? If you do smile, you do it – lips closed.

Why do we give up so easily on our chance to feel happy and confident?

We’d like you to meet some of our patients

Our brave Treatigoers arrived in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia with different problems

‘‘Most of my teeth are in a really bad condition’’

‘‘I’m missing a lot of my teeth’’

‘‘I’ve been suffering from gum disease, bone loss and unstable teeth’’

‘‘I have dentures which are quite uncomfortable’’

”I am ready to change my life.” It was written on their face
How’s it possible to change your life forever in one single day?

From ‘I hate my teeth’ to ‘I can’t stop smiling’

The transformation these people went through, inside – out is amazing.

What would a whole set of NEW teeth mean to you?

Imagine you had a magic wand and ANYTHING was possible

You wake up in the morning, see yourself in the mirror and see a NEW SMILE.

Can you imagine? A beautiful new and healthy smile – ready to do wonders to your life.

It’s a BIG moment. You can’t stop smiling right?

Do you really, really like your new set of teeth?

That’s not all…

Wait until others see you! It’ll be the first thing people will notice about you. The boost to your self confidence you get – PRICELESS. It’ll make you want to smile for the rest of your life.


Smile In a Day
All-on-4 Makeover
Smile In a Day – the first day of the rest of your life
We’re taking you by the hand to safely walk you through a premium dental treatment experience that will profoundly change your life forever.

Treat yourself with a unique high quality All on 4 procedure at a lower price.

Are you ready to make the best decision in your life?

Let’s go!


All-on-4® treatment concept

Dental implant solution that gives you new teeth in one day

All-on-4 treatment concept is a dental implant solution that provides you with a fixed prosthesis on the same day of the surgery.

All-on-4 restores your full mouth in a minimally invasive way

Same day teeth

Fixed prosthesis is supported with only 4 implants placed into your jaw bone.

Cost efficient

2 implants in the anterior, 2 implants tilted up to 45 in the posterior.

No bone grafting

Time consuming bone grafting due to tilting of the posterior implants avoided.

All-on-4 dental implant solution

will get you beautiful white teeth that look and feel totally natural.

The All-on-4® concept is clinically proven and developed by Nobel Biocare,
world leading dental implant company.

See how All-on-4® works

Quick and minimally invasive procedure

Advantages of All-on-4® treatment concept

Simpler solution for less money

Faster treatment time

Only 4 implants reduce treatment complexity, invasive bone grafting avoided

Lower cost

Less surgical time needed, less products used

Same day smile

You get fully functioning provisional teeth on the same day

More affordable in the long run

With good maintenance, your implants can last a lifetime

Created by Nobel Biocare

World leader in dental implant technology, proven by clinical studies and 10 year’s patient follow-up

Fixed prosthesis not going anywhere

Unlike floppy denture, this one stays fixed. The bones remain healthy and the gums are stable.

Lifetime quality guarantee on the implants

5 years for the porcelain bridgework

Looks and feels natural

Full set of beautiful new teeth

Easy to maintain and clean

Treated like your natural teeth, brush daily (no need to floss)

Facial structure improved

Prevents from sagging or hollow cheeks

What does ‘same day teeth’ mean?

On the day of implant placement, you walk home with temporary set of teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth
Same day teeth refer to a procedure of placing a full set of temporary teeth on 4 implants on the same day.

These teeth are not your final restoration. The acrylic bridge is placed temporary while you wait for the implants to heal (3-5 months). After it has healed properly, you are ready to get your final permanent teeth.

Am I the candidate for All-on-4?

If any of these options sound like you, you might be the perfect candidate for All-on-4 dental implants

Most of my teeth are in a really bad condition.

I’m missing a lot of my teeth.

I have dentures which are quite uncomfortable.

I’ve been suffering from gum disease, bone loss and unstable teeth.

Consultation with the dentist determines if you’re a candidate for All-on-4

There is no ‘one fit all’ solution to complex dental problems. Each case is assessed individually to determine the best possible outcome of the treatment.

Upon your free consultation at the clinic, the dentist will determine if you are a candidate for the All-on-4 implant procedure.

If patient criteria are met and adequate stability achieved, Nobel Biocare implants can be loaded with a fixed provisional restoration on the day of surgery. Treatment with dental implants is a surgical procedure and requires prior evaluation by your dentist to make sure your dental and general health permits dental implant treatment. Certain dental conditions need to be met to perform the All-on-4® treatment protocol. Your care provider may suggest alternatives or variations of the treatment. Source:

Not every All-on-4® treatment is genuine

Only when Nobel Biocare products are used

There are many procedures out there performed under the name All-on-4 treatment concept. The only genuine one is when Nobe Biocare products are combined. The concept is clinically proven and developed by Nobel Biocare, world leading dental implant company from Switzerland.

New teeth immediately make you look younger

Years of missing teeth can leave consequences

All-on-4 treatment concept is designed specifically for people with little or no jawbone left after years of missing teeth.

Missing teeth can cause your jaw bone start shrinking, because it is no longer stimulated by your own teeth and tooth roots.

Also, it can change the appearance of your face. Because your lips are no longer supported from the inside, your chin starts to move forward and upward and your lips turn inward.

Change the appearance of your face with a whole set of new teeth!

Dental implant pass

On holiday or at home, your teeth travel safely with you all over the world

When you decide to have dental work with Nobel Biocare Implants, after the treatment, you’ll get a dental implant pass.

It contains important information on your dental implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare. This serves as a confirmation your dentist has used original Nobel Biocare products for your treatment.

With dental implant pass, dental professsionals all over the world can easily get an overview of your dental implant treatment.

You get a LIFETIME warranty on dental implants and a 5 YEAR warranty on your restoration.

What affects the cost of All-on-4?

5 things you should consider when comparing the cost

1. Implant brand used

The only original All-on-4 treatment is if Nobel Biocare implants are used, world’s most renowned implant manufacturer. There are many low cost implant systems out there, not having the quality, track record and the neccessary support behind.

2. Material used

All on 4 final restoration is made of zirconia, a monolothic, high-strength material. The cost is higher, but porcelain gives the most natural look of your teeth.

3. Skills and expertise of the implant dentist

The dentist performing the All-on-4 should have the skills and expertise in performing such procedure. Usually All-on-4 dental specialists have taken special courses provided by Nobel Biocare. The number of patients already treated with All-on-4 should also speak of the dentist’s experience in carrying out such complex restorations.

4. Other treatments needed in conjunction

In some cases, if needed, gum and jaw bone need to be treated to prepare for the implant placement. Also, tooth extractions beforehand are usually charged extra.

5. Location of the treatment

Getting All-on-4 treatment in the UK is more expensive than abroad. When you’re comparing the options, make sure to search for the original All-on-4 treatment concept.

All-on-4 quality checklist

 TOP 3 things to consider when getting All-on-4 dental implants

✓ Nobel Biocare dental implant solution used

✓ Clinic recommended by Nobel Biocare

✓ Dentist went through the Nobel Biocare product and clinical training

Is there and affordable All on 4 dental implant cost?

Quality comes at a price

All-on-4 treatment is a complex procedure. After all – your mouth are going through a full restoration.

It’s very important dental implant specialist and the team are highly skilled.

The experienced hands of the dentist paired with high-quality materials such as Nobel Biocare come at a price. The laboratory that is completing your work must work with best materials when crafting your personalised final set of teeth.

The quality of your final restoration will determine the quality of your life. There shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to your oral health. It essentially affects your overall health.

Don’t put off getting All-on-4 due to high cost in the UK

Have in mind, it’s much more affordable in Croatia than you could think of.
Getting better quality cheaper. How is this possible?
Having the All-on-4 treatment in the UK can be expensive.

What can you do?

Well, you might opt for cheaper alternatives or pay the full expensive price. Or, there’s one option you might haven’t considered:

Did you know having dental work done abroad in Croatia is much cheaper?
You can actually afford the All-on-4 treatment without needing to break the bank account.

You may wonder: Why is it cheaper?

Well, the reason is simple: labour dental costs and overheads are much lower than in the UK. It is not uncommon for dental offices in Croatia to be equipped with more sophisticated technology, performing more advanced procedures using better materials than your local dentist at home.

Doctors in Croatia

Worldwide recognised as top experts in their field of expertise.

We choose only the best

Utmost level of knowledge and expertise

We believe in the expertise and skills of our doctors and clinics in Croatia. As a small European country, Croatia needed to go the extra mile and work harder by investing more in education and technology.

Acquiring knowledge and training at prestigious universities both at home and abroad, Croatian doctors are worldwide recognized as top experts in their field of expertise.

It is our priority to dutifully represent their outstanding quality, clinics they work at and top materials they use.

Access to top quality dental work should be available to everybody

No compromise between quality and cost

We got tired of people being unhappy with their smile.
We also got tired of people wishing they could afford All-on-4 dental implants.

That is why we built a better dental care experience with a private dental treatment you can afford.

Our All-on-4 dental care package allows you to get the dental treatment you need, combined with accommodation, transfer and other services to make your stay a comfortable experience.

All-on-4 dental implants treatment

Get treated by experts at carefully chosen clinics.

Stay at hand picked accommodation, close to the clinic.
Free airport transfers.
Enjoy Croatia in between the treatments.
Travelling to seek treatment abroad is an opportunity we all have, and there shouldn’t be ANY compromise on quality and cost.

You can travel abroad for CHEAPER, yet RELIABLE and SAFE
All-on-4 dental treatment.

We’ve chosen only the best clinics for All-on-4

Recommended and certified by Nobel Biocare

We have personally visited each clinic on many occasions, met the doctors and the staff, to make sure we can propose only the best professionals, the best treatment, and the best aftercare.

Expertise of doctors

Graduate and postgraduate education, min 10 years of experience

Top materials used

Using leading dentistry brands – Straumann, Nobel Bio Care

ISO 9001 Certificate Accredited

International quality standard, hygiene and treatment safety

Personal visit

We have personally visited each clinic at least 3 times

State of the art facilities

Modern dental offices, world-renowned manufacturers of equipment

International patients

At least 5 years of established reputation of treating international patients

English speaking doctors

Both doctors and the staff speak your language

Comply with Treatigo Manifesto

Clinics share the same values as Treatigo

Wondering ”should I go all the way to Croatia for a dentist?”

Meet Andrej, he is the top expert in Croatia for All on 4 dental implant treatment

Dr. Andrej Božić, DDM, MDM, Dentum clinic

With more than 12 years of experience in dental implantology, he has successfully placed over 10,000 dental implants.

Since 2013, Andrej works closely with the Brand Nobel Biocare – a pioneer in dental implantology, being their opinion leader.

Quality of the implant and the dentist skill

One cannot go without the other

Here’s what you can expect when traveling with Treatigo

Our promise to you

  • Save up to 70% on premium dental services high quality treatment does not have to come at a high price. At least not with us in Croatia.
  • You’ll be looked after from start to the finish your fantastic experience is our top priority, which means a comfortable process all the way
  • Everything in one place dental treatment, cozy accommodation suited for your stay, comfortable airport transfer
  • Get treated by experts at carefully chosen clinics– we hand pick only the best by creating a network of trusted and well established dental clinics in Croatia.
  • Experience your treatment as a holiday – Croatia is not only the best country to get your dental work done, but also a beautiful destination to enjoy a holiday.

Getting All-on-4 dental implants abroad

Stages of treatment in Croatia with Treatigo

2-3 day stay
Walk out with provisional teeth on the same day

  • Evaluation of jaw bone type and condition
  • If needed, gums and jawbone may require treatment
  • Implant placement under local anesthesia
  • Placing temporary acrylic bridge
3-5 months
Implants placed into your jawbone need time to heal

This process is called osseointegration. It can take from a few weeks to a few months.

2-3 day stay

  • Impressions taken for the permanent implant supported bridge
2 weeks
Working on your final customized teeth

Your final restoration is designed and manufactured at the dental laboratory.

3-4 day stay
Getting personalized final dental bridge

  • Temporary bridge is replaced with a final restoration
  • Your fixed customized bridge is attached to the implants
Treatigo is here to
support you every step of the way!
It is our priority you have a fantastic experience, going through a comfortable process from start to finish.

Our services

Once you decide to become a Treatigoer, the dentists at our network of premium clinics take care of your teeth, and we take care of everything else – before, during and after your treatment.

Before your treatment


Talk to us if you have any doubts or need additional information.

Free Quote

Your personalized dental care package.


We handle the paperwork and scheduling your treatment.

During your treatment

Appointment Management

Treatment appointment coordination.


Airport pick up & drop off.

Settling into accommodation

Check in at the accommodation, getting to know the area.


Socialization and support.

Leisure activity


After your treatment

Post-treatment care and support

Includes recovery monitoring, oral hygiene advice and regular check-up reminders.

We know what quality dental travel stands for

Being in our safe hands, having the treatment in Zagreb will feel like it’s a holiday.


Come pay us a visit,
have one-on-one consultation with an implant specialist
FIRST VISIT, 100% Risk free

Get on a plane, fly off to Zagreb - the capital of Croatia

Your new beautiful and healthy teeth are a decision away. 

There’s no big risk i giving it a go.

Treat yourself with
an affordable All-on-4
dental treatment abroad in Croatia.

Paying with ease

At the clinic, after the treatment
First visit and consultation is free, so come for an investigative visit.

If you’re happy with your first visit and agree to continue with the suggested treatment plan, you pay for the treatment at the clinic after each phase of the treatment.

Flights are not included. We’ll be happy to assist you in searching the right solution.

All-on-4 dental implant reviews

How we’ve helped other people become Treatigoers:

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

The first thing I will say, is that I did investigate dental implants in England. All of them required investment in a scan, at some other location, with the possibility that treatment might not be possible. Further investigation revealed that the cost would be prohibitive.

From the reception at the airport, to the accommodation, the scanning and estimation, everything provided with courtesy and kindness. The fact that everything was on site, the equipment looked good, your staff very efficient and of course affordable prices, convinced me to go ahead.

Read more

There is no such thing as dental treatment without pain, but you made every effort to keep me as comfortable as possible. My mouth was expertly repaired and prepared in four days. I came back three months later and had a set of working teeth within a week. I am extremely happy with the result and my friends tell me they look good.

Show less

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

If you were wondering “should I go all the way to Croatia for a dentist?” then wonder no longer.
I was picked up from the airport on time, taken to my free accommodation and within 20 minutes of arriving I was in the chair having had my x-ray. Within and hour I’d also had a CT scan and the dentist had spotted problems my dentist missed just months ago and formulated a treatment plan and quote.

A friendly welcome, excellent dentists and reasonable prices, this place operates like a well oiled machine. When was the last time you had 3 appointments in one day in the U.K.
Looking forward to my next 2 visits where the dentists will correct 20 years of problems.
Can’t recommend highly enough.

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

Was a bit worried about just going blind to another country for dental treatment, but have not regretted the decision one bit. The dental team were amazing. They explained all of the proposed treatments and costs clearly. It was apparent that they were ethical and fair in their assessment, there was no suggestion of doing work for the sake of it. In fact, our bill came in cheaper than originally quoted, as less expensive procedures needed to be done. All of the staff we came across were professional, patient and caring.

Read more

I have had problems with my teeth all of my adult life and this was the first time that I felt the issues were really being addressed. The treatment themselves weren’t pleasant and having four hours of dental treatment in one hit was not a great experience, but it was worth it. Have recovered well and am happy with the work that has been done so far. It was interesting talking to others who were completing their treatments, everyone we spoke to were thrilled with the results. This was really reassuring.

The accommodation provided is of a high standard, comfortable and pleasant. We would highly recommend this service, it is professional, cost effective in comparison to UK prices and is executed in comfortable and modern surroundings.

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Treated by
Andrej Bozic

If you need any major or extensive work done on your teeth and can’t find the quality ,service and the costs to match don’t despair …This clinic in Zagreb delivers on all and everything you would need. They are extremely efficient have top dentists and staff , provide you with wonderful accommodation and pick/drop you at the airport and most importantly with a friendly smile!

Highly recommended !

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

If you’re thinking of getting some work done on your teeth, then don’t look any further than these guys. They provide an extremely professional and attentive service, and their approach to customer care is second to none.

They’re not cheap but, having done my research on this, I can say without fear of contradiction that their prices offer much better value than you’ll get for the equivalent work in the UK. On top of that you get to have a nice city break in lovely Zagreb staying in some very decent accommodation which comes free as part of the deal.

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

This was the best decision I ever made.the best dental work I ever got done.all the staff were amazing 10 out of 10 excellent.the rooms were great very cosy.looking forward to my check up next year.

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

Great service ,my experience at the dental who’s so much better than what expected , very professional people everybody speaks clear and good English so no problem.

The doctor are highly good I will not go anywhere else again, and Croatia is fantastic 

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

First class treatment fantastic end result all the staff were very knowledgeable and nothing was to much trouble. Everything from collection from the airport through to advice on where to go / eat had been thought about. Thanks for providing me with a smile!

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

The first thing I will say, is that I did investigate dental implants in England. All of them required investment in a scan, at some other location, with the possibility that treatment might not be possible. Further investigation revealed that the cost would be prohibitive.

From the reception at the airport, to the accommodation, the scanning and estimation, everything provided with courtesy and kindness. The fact that everything was on site, the equipment looked good, your staff very efficient and of course affordable prices, convinced me to go ahead.

Read more

There is no such thing as dental treatment without pain, but you made every effort to keep me as comfortable as possible. My mouth was expertly repaired and prepared in four days. I came back three months later and had a set of working teeth within a week. I am extremely happy with the result and my friends tell me they look good.

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Treated by
Andrej Bozic

Well what can I say once this was booked I was very nervous having treatment in another county. Once I was here it was amazing they have made me look amazing again. No moor covering my mouth when I speak my new implants are amazing. The team are very very professional and I couldn’t recommend a better company to have this work done.

Treated by
Andrej Bozic

I had major works done, full set, everything , and now i have a smile like you would not believe, I had no upper teeth, very little bone, but they were absolutely magic, no words can express my satisfaction

One last thing:

We wish one simple thing for you: you deserve to be happy.

It’s not just about getting a new teeth and putting a smile on your face.

It’s about changing your life.

Make a decision you’ll be proud of.

Treat yourself with a treatment you deserve.

But we can only help you on your way. You have to take the first step.

Getting All-on-4 dental implants
might be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Are you ready to change your life and never look back again?

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