Why we do it

Treatigo Manifesto

This Manifesto belongs to every Treatigoer
It embodies our core beliefs we live by, they serve as a foundation of why we started Treatigo. We are responsible to you – our patient in meeting your needs and delivering service of highest quality. We are also responsible to our partnered dental clinics, in respecting their dignity and business practice.

As Treatigoers, we believe

Good oral health should be a necessity, not a luxury
We love having beautiful and healthy teeth, and we believe that good oral health should be a necessity, not a luxury. Moreover, good oral health is key to overall good health. Access to top quality dental work should be available to everybody, we make it reachable and show you it’s possible. Yes, you can afford a premium treatment without needing to break the bank account by coming to Croatia.

Freedom to travel for treatment
We believe in the freedom to travel, it gives us new opportunities and broadens our horizons. To travel means to connect with new places, new people and with ourselves. Travelling to seek treatment abroad is an opportunity we all have, and there shouldn’t be any compromise between quality and cost.

When it comes to health, you need to make informed & well educated decisions
The thought of travelling to another country for treatment may make you feel nervous or hesitant, and that’s perfectly understandable. We believe you have to be absolutely sure of what you can expect before you make a decision to go. We are passionate about empowering you, helping you make a well-informed decision on whether a procedure abroad is right for you.

Expertise of doctors in Croatia at utmost level
We believe in the expertise and skills of our doctors and clinics in Croatia. As a small European country, Croatia needed to go the extra mile and work harder by investing more in education and technology. Acquiring knowledge and training at prestigious universities both at home and abroad, Croatian doctors are worldwide recognized as top experts in their field of expertise. It is our priority to dutifully represent their outstanding quality, clinics they work at and top materials they use.

We believe a new smile can be a force for many good things in your life. Quite simply, it can transform your life.

We wanted to build something bigger than ourselves. It’s not just about getting a new teeth and putting a smile on your face. It’s about
changing your life.

Let us be your heroes in helping you live a longer, healthier and a happier life.
Come to Croatia
with us for the treatment you deserve,
a decision you will be proud of.

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